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Interpreting & Translation Agency Transdirecta

Trans Directa is a translation organization that specializes in African languages. We can provide you with translations from and to English, French, and Dutch. Our staff consists of interpreters and translators that are directly available to you and your organization for your communication with African speaking people and organizations... Learn More


You will get a high level of performance from Trans Directa in the interpreting or translating assignments you have for us. Because of its background, the staff of Trans Directa can really tune in to the African speaking people you wish to communicate with. It will, quickly, directly and clearly, get your message across to the other party and vice versa. Learn More

Customer Service

When hiring an interpreter or hiring us for a translation assignment you decide what the deadline is. We will contact you directly after you send us an assignment. All the data and other information you send to us will be handled in strict confidentiality. Learn More

Why Choose Us?

It will be pleasant to work with the team of young and ambitious employees of Trans Directa. The knowledge of both the western and African mentality and languages make them able to switch easily between people and their languages. Learn More